Travel Tip – Hotel Credit And Debit Card Hazards | Travelling and Hotels

When you present a credit or debit card for authorization at a hotel, the automated system obtains the estimated departure amount and your bank ‘holds’ this amount awaiting a matching charge. This prevents you from overspending your limit (if you are too close to it) and allows your bank to manage your balance more accurately. Frequently, guests decide to pay by cash or another credit card upon check-out and are shocked when they check their automated systems within hours or days and they see what appears to be a ‘charge’ for the hotel stay even though they paid cash. This is not a charge, it is YOUR bank reserving the amount obtained in the authorization process and ‘saving’ it for the hotel. After anywhere from 7-14 days, this ‘charge’ will disappear and your credit limit increases by the amount originally ‘held’. Yes, if you are close to your limit, you will probably not be able to use that card until the bank removes the hold on that amount. If you are not close to your limit, it will not matter.

The same thing happens when you rent a car. Even if the estimated charge is only $110.00 for a 2 day rental, almost ALL car rental companies obtain a hold of up to $500 (in casing you decide to keep the car for a week or damage it.) Again, this comes out of your credit limit but is NOT a charge made by the rental company. Neither they nor hotels can ‘reverse’ the hold – it is a function of your bank and up to the bank to return that amount to your credit line. Many bank employees will not tell you this and they tell you to contact the business that obtained the hold to reverse it. Again though, the hotel never charged the amount to start with, so there is nothing they can return to your credit limit. Perhaps some day it will be possible for hotels to release hold authorizations and maybe even now it is possible on more sophisticated systems that I am unaware of. In this day and age of technology, I would be surprised if it wasn’t already possible but there are still too many small or cheap hotels and motels that cannot afford the sophisticated systems so this inconvenience may be here in some form for years.The best way to avoid this is only present the card you are sure you will use upon check out. Or have sufficient credit available that it doesn’t matter whether there is a hold or not. Be especially careful about using debit cards too, as this will come out of available cash for 7-14 days. Car rental companies generally require a credit card because they do not want to hold up to $500 from a checking account.

Keep in mind that sometimes you pay a credit card bill upon departure for a vacation and try to use the card within days only to have the bank deny the authorization because your payment has not been credited and the authorization would put you over the limit. It is frustrating to know you can’t use the money in the bank OR the credit card too because of the in-transit payment, so it pays in these cases to have MORE than one credit source or to just pay cash up front and be done with it.

Details On Los Angeles Travel And Why Use Of Rental Cars Is Encouraged | Travelling and Hotels

Los Angeles is the capital of the state of California. It is situated on a larger region in the southern region of the state. Most first time visitors will love the scenery around this metropolitan area. It is surrounded by many physical features, such as Pacific Ocean, a desert, woods, valleys and mountain ranges. It is a beautiful city that you want to explore relaxingly for a few days. The best way to move around this metropolitan city is via the Los Angeles car rental service.Since there are many companies in this line of business, you can expect to locate a service provider that matches your goals and needs. Alternatively called the City of Angels, L.A comes second in regard to being the largest city in the U.S that accommodates the largest population. You are sure to find so many hospitable people in the region that speaks your language. There are over one hundred languages spoken in the area.

The city extends beyond L.A County to the famous Orange County and others. For that reason, there is so much you can do in this part of North America. You can even travel for two long hours before entering another California’s county and pass through the Long Beach, Burbank, Santa Monica and other smaller towns. The fastest way to enter the state is by plane through the Los Angeles International Airport that has nine terminals which are not far apart.You could walk to the right bus terminal or use a shuttle. There is no a train service that can drop you in the city directly so you would require an auto most of the times. There are taxis that can take care of your transportation needs although most people prefer Los angles car rental services. As you start to plan your tour, you can also hunt for the companies that rent autos cheaply. The best way to do this is via the internet. As a first time tourist, you can easily travel around the city without any problems in a rented car.It can take you to parts of the city that are not served by the train service. What is more, the companies that lease the autos know all the routes to the major hotels in Los Angeles. Would you like to know the areas that you should be sure to visit? The Downtown also the central business district of the city is a wonderful place to go to for entertainment and dining. It possesses many classy hotels and restaurants, shopping centers and bars.

The south central area is known to have many attraction sites but the area is associated with violence and riots. The area is worth visiting though, using your Car Rental Service. You have a quick access to Hollywood from this City of Angels and see for yourself the region where the movie and film making industry is based in the US. To the northwest of downtown, you can visit an area called San Fernando Valley which is more of a suburban portion of the city. The west side is where you can have access to the ocean and enjoy fun on the shores.